New features on YouTube soon

  New features on YouTube soon
New features on YouTube soon

The organizers of the “YouTube” application for phones and smart devices announced a new package of modifications and features that will be introduced to the application soon to make it easier to use.

Among the important features that will be obtained The application is a feature that will allow video makers to divide video clips into parts and name each clip separately, which will make it easier for users to see the clip that will suit them without the need to view the entire video.

The other feature that will matter a lot Of the users, it is related to the way the videos are displayed. Currently, the videos can be viewed on the full screen through the “YouTube” application by either clicking on the button to enlarge the image or rotate the phone or mobile device, but with the introduction of the new feature, the user will be able to swipe his finger on the video window from the bottom to the top to appear The image is on the full screen, and swiping the finger from top to bottom to return the image to its normal size.

The modifications in the application will include the Enable Subtitle button that will move from the settings menu to the main screen, as well as the play button Automatic videos, according to “Russia Today”.

The “YouTube” for phones currently has many features that are unknown to many users, such as the feature of scrolling video time back and forth by quickly clicking on the top of the display screen on the left or right.

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New features on YouTube soon


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