Google introduces dark mode for Chrome OS

Google introduces dark mode for Chrome OS
Google introduces dark mode for Chrome OS

A recent report revealed that Chrome OS got the dark mode that was highly sought after for its benefits in overcoming eye fatigue and general readability, as it was spotted in Google’s Canary beta, and Android Central reported that the Canary version of Chrome OS contains On a trial version of the dark mode of Chrome OS.

According to the Indian site TOI, the report said: “It may only be accessed through Google’s advanced developer mode for the browser, but this may Indicates that it is ready to roll out more widely soon, and there are currently some bugs within the dark mode setting as it is still being tested.

Dark mode appears to be implemented across the UI and just doesn’t appear As dark wallpapers, Google has introduced dark mode for many of its services including Gmail and Google Calendar, so it is logical to put it up for Chrome OS as well, and the demand for dark mode has been high for any operating system over the past few years, and last week Google introduced the dark mode for screens The display is powered by a helper system like the Nest Hub.

The company said: “Change the look. The Dark Tomcat color scheme of the interface reduces light emission, so it is easier on the eyes at night while still providing you with visual and tactile accessibility.

Google introduces dark mode for Chrome OS


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