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Why Jackie Chan abandoned Hollywood?

Why Jackie Chan abandoned Hollywood?
Why Jackie Chan abandoned Hollywood?

Despite the worldwide fame of Chinese actor Jackie Chan, movie fans have noticed his recent disappearance from the American film scene.

Since Jackie Chan’s introduction, the role of a karate teacher in The Karate Kid (Karate boy) with Jayden Smith in 2010, and the Chinese actor completely disappeared from the spotlight of Hollywood, so where did Jackie Chan disappear?

The American website “Luber” revealed the reason behind the disappearance of Jackie Chan Recently, after the latter appeared in an interview with the Portuguese newspaper Filmelier.

Jackie Chan explained the reason for his abandonment of Hollywood and his focus on Asian films by saying: “I am looking for some diversity in my role now, although She receives many offers to participate in American films, but all of them are a Hong Kong policeman.

He added: “I want to make sure that the audience sees me every year in a different role, I don’t like that Audiences see me repeat myself, and I prefer to see me as an actor who can play an action role, not just an action star. ”

And Jackie Chan previously mentioned at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 that he is gradually avoiding action films For the sake of his physical health.

Jackie Chan entranced his fans, close by. Working on a fourth installment from his popular movie Rush Hour.

Why Jackie Chan abandoned Hollywood?

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